Bitget Research Institute: Bitcoin fluctuates at high levels, waiting for direction, Voyager reaches a $1.65 billion settlement agreement with the FTC

2 months ago
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The BRC-20 track represents the mouse meme type token. Yesterday, Unisat BRC-20 Swap added support for $RATS. The price of the affected RATS token has fluctuated slightly in the past, with a market value of US$61.8 million and on-chain transaction volume reaching US$446,000.

1. Popular currencies

RATS(Token):The BRC-20 track represents the meme-type token of the rat. Yesterday, Unisat BRC-20 Swap added support for $RATS. The price of the affected RATS token has fluctuated slightly in the past, with a market value of US$61.8 million and on-chain transaction volume of US$446,000.

Q(Token):Amazon Announces Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Amazon Q, and Musk Comments There’s a lot of Q out there right now. Affected by this exposure, a meme token named $Q appeared on the chain, with a 24-hour trading volume of 10 million US dollars. It briefly rose to a market value of 2 million US dollars, and then fluctuated and fell. The meme currency $Q*, which was previously related to Openai, reached a new high, once rising to a market value of US$10 million.

D/ACC(Token):Represents Defense Accelerationism, proposed by Vitalik, which aims to reduce the risks posed by technological developments, including AI, and is described using long text. Inspired by this term, the meme token $D/ACC appeared on the chain, with a 24-hour trading volume of 13 million U.S. dollars and a market value of up to 7 million U.S. dollars, making it extremely popular.

NAKA(Token):Nakamoto Games, a gaming platform on Polygon, recently held the Platform World Championship. The token market value is US$340 million, a 53% increase in 7 days, and a 24-hour trading volume of US$7 million.

2. Popular NFTs

Fortune Founders Key by AOFverse (NFT): NFT of Army Of Fortune (AOF), a project aimed at building a virtual world through high-quality mobile games. Currently, the number of holders on the NFT chain reaches 1,466, and the floor price is 0.6ETH

Smart Cats(NFT):SmartLayer-related NFT currently has 800,000+ holders. Smart Cats can be fed, cleaned and other operations can be performed to upgrade the NFT. Because users anticipate SmartLayer’s future airdrops, the transaction volume of this NFT is very high.

3. Popular DAPPs

Circle(Dapp):Recently, Circle announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with SBI Holdings to commit to the circulation and expansion of USDCStablecoinUse in Japan. At the same time, Circle Cross-chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP) was launched on the Cosmos ecological application chain Noble main network. The Cosmos application chain can combine CCTP and IBC functions, and Ethereum and other supported network users can enter the Cosmos ecosystem.

Starknet(Dapp):Starknet will distribute 50 million STRK tokens to early ecosystem contributors. The project, called the Early Community Member Program (ECMP), will reward individuals who encourage technical discussions, organize Starknet-related events, and regularly publish Starknet-branded content. Contributors. Individuals and projects need to apply for awards and provide details of their contributions. The Starknet coin issuance date is determined to be January 22 next year, and you can interact to obtain airdrop opportunities in the near future.

Inscription Mint(Daoo):As the wealth creation effect of inscriptions continues to expand, the gameplay of inscriptions has also spread to various public chains. Polygon is currently represented by POLS inscriptions, which are very popular on the chain and have multiple markets for users to trade.

Vertex(Dapp):Vertex is a decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol based on Arbitrum that provides cross-margin trading services. It integrates spot,Perpetual contractand money market all in one application. TGE has been completed recently, and VRTX has been listed on Bitget, Bybit, and KuCoin exchanges for the first time. The platform’s trading volume in the past 24 hours was US$500 million, making it the decentralized contract platform with the largest trading volume., a large number of real accounts have been misjudged as robot accounts, resulting in these accounts not being allocated points for the week. The community has reported that if a Twitter account uses a registered default username or a combination of letters and numbers, this type of account will be friend .tech is considered a robot. FUD emerged in the community over the weekend when the founder of logged out of his Twitter account.

Blur(Dapp):BLUR has partnered with Blast to develop Season 3 of Blur. 50% of Season 3 rewards will be distributed to $BLUR holders. Holder points are earned by depositing $BLUR, and points are awarded hourly based on the amount of $BLUR users deposit. There has been a certain correction after the token was recently listed on Binance.

Open Campus(Dapp):Open Campus is a community-driven Web3 education platform. Binance Labs recently announced that it has invested $3.15 million in Open Campus. During the same period, Animoca expressed its intention to purchase additional EDU tokens in the open market. As a result, EDU has risen by 20% in the past 7 days. , with a 24-hour trading volume of US$30 million.

4.Twitter hot discussion

SYS(Token):Syscoin, is a full-stack modular PoW blockchain solution that merges mining with Bitcoin. Rollux, a novel EVM layer 2 solution based on Bitcoin, will be launched in 2023. Recently, the PoW sector and the concept of modular public chain have been hyped. The price of SYS currency has soared by 50% in a few days. Yesterday, Syscoin officially opened a Twitter Space with the theme Syscoin, present and future.

5. Regional hot searches

TIA(Token):The modular public chain TIA continued to surge and hit new highs after TGE, triggering extensive discussions on social media. Following the market correction, the currency price fluctuated greatly. In the past 24 hours, the currency price rebounded by +15%, and the 24-hour transaction volume of the entire network surged. Top 20 of all cryptocurrencies, reaching $228M.

ATOM(Token):COSMOS hub proposal 848 passed, ATOM performed well, and reducing the inflation rate is a long-term positive. With the announcement of the fork plan (the founder of Cosmos announced the charter documents of the forked network AtomOne, including the initial token economics of ATOM 1, etc.), the currency price fell back.

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