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Binance’s announcement is very timely. I hope that more projects with medium and low valuations can be listed... Pros: 1. Projects with good fundamentals and low valuations in recent financing 2. Angels, VCs and incubators that can invest in projects with low valuations Cons: 1. Late-stage VCs that take over projects with high valuations, BN will no longer provide a guarantee for projects with overvalued valuations 2. Competition for early-stage investment is more intense. The future model is not for project parties to raise hundreds of millions of dollars in rounds, but to raise a seed round and go directly to the exchange, and the listing cycle is rapidly shortened...
Special Topic | Asias Web3 Bridgehead, Hong Kong Spot Crypto ETF Starts Trading
The brave ones enjoy the world first and step into the Bitcoin time corridor with OKX Web3
Market News: Biden announced that he would not veto the FIT21 crypto bill if it is passed by the House of Representatives
According to Watcher.guru, US President Joe Biden has announced that he will not veto the FIT21 crypto bill if it is passed. In addition, the Biden administration issued a statement calling on Congress to work together on a comprehensive and balanced regulatory framework for digital assets.
3 hours ago
Liquidity re-pledge platform Kelp completes $9 million financing at a valuation of $90 million, led by SCB Limited and Laser Digital
Odaily Planet Daily News: Kelp, an Ethereum liquidity re-staking platform based on EigenLayer, announced that it has completed a $9 million financing with a valuation of $90 million. SCB Limited and Laser Digital led the investment, and Bankless Ventures, Hypersphere Ventures, Draper Dragon, DACM, Cypher Capital, GSR, HTX Ventures and DWF Ventures, as well as Scott Moore of Gitcoin
7 hours ago
Coinbase CLO: Gary Gensler has told the US Congress that securities laws apply to crypto assets involved in investment contracts
According to Odaily Planet Daily, Coinbase CEO paulgrewal.eth posted on the X platform that Gary Gensler, chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, told the U.S. Congress today, May 22, that securities laws apply when crypto assets or crypto-related investment plans are offered or sold in the form of investment contracts. In addition, Gary Gensler told the U.S. Congress on May 6, 2021 that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has no regulatory framework for exchanges that trade crypto assets.
7 hours ago
The gap between BlackRock and Grayscale’s Bitcoin holdings has narrowed to less than $500 million
According to official data from Odaily Planet Daily, as of May 21 local time, Grayscales spot Bitcoin ETF GBTC held 289,511.9047 BTC (US$20,056,924,436.62), and BlackRocks spot Bitcoin ETF IBIT held 281,883.91970 BTC (US$19,612,118,813.35). The gap between the two has narrowed to 7,627.985, and the market value gap has also narrowed to less than US$500 million (US$444,805,623.27).
7 hours ago
Analyst: Market sentiment is bullish, and the ETH option skew indicator for all expiration dates is negative
Odaily Planet Daily News: As optimism about the approval of Ethereum spot ETFs is rekindled, an analyst said that Ethereum call options of all expiration dates are now more expensive than put options, indicating bullish market sentiment. Deribit CEO Luuk Strijers said in an email: The skew of put and call options for all expiration dates is negative and has increased further after the end of June expiration, which is a fairly bullish signal-the basis spread has also increased to an annualized level of about 14%, another bullish indicator. Its analysis shows that traders are willing to pay higher fees for call options.
8 hours ago