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Weekly Editors Picks (0615-0621)

Investment and Entrepreneurship

In-depth research: The subtle relationship between BTC spot ETF and CMEs huge short positions

When CME officially launched BTC futures trading at the end of 2017, it just ended the bull market in 2017.

As of now, CMEs total BTC futures holdings have reached 150,800 BTC, equivalent to about $10 billion, accounting for 28.75% of the entire BTC futures trading market. The current BTC futures market is not controlled by traditional cryptocurrency exchanges and retail investors, but has fallen into the hands of professional institutional traders in the United States.

CMEs futures premium shows a regular fluctuation as the contract is rolled over each month (automatically moving positions to the next months contract). This is similar to the swap contract premium of traditional cryptocurrency exchanges. They will have a higher premium when the contract is generated, and when the contract is about to expire, the premium is gradually smoothed out.

Hedge funds or institutions have made large purchases of US stock ETFs and opened equal short orders on CME, making risk-free fixed arbitrage once a month to achieve a stable return of at least 12.7% annualized.

The J-Curve Rule of Crypto Investing: Maximizing Gains When Enthusiasm Fades

Weekly Editors Picks (0615-0621)

Guide to escaping the top: How to grasp the selling opportunity in a big market situation?

When users flocked to download Coinbase to buy coins, the top features were already obvious.

BTC monthly chart is unable to break the historical record of 7 consecutive increases.

Observe BTC unrealized net profit/loss, HODL supply, long-term trend indicator MVRV Z-Score, Bitcoin contract open interest, Ethereum gas fee, social media activity, integer threshold Schelling point, etc.

Who made money in this bull market? Who made money in this bull market?

Bitcoin holders, CEX, Tether and other CeFi platforms, some public chain, DeFi product operation teams, high-market-cap coin issuing projects whose main purpose is to sell coins (retail investors should avoid them).

Why have altcoins performed poorly in this cycle?

The token inflation concerns behind the explosion of new projects. The new liquidity entering the market is insufficient, and unlocking brings huge dilution and selling pressure.

In response, exchanges could enforce fairness in token distribution; teams could prioritize community allocations and larger pools of real users; and higher percentages could be unlocked at token issuance (perhaps implementing measures such as tiered sales taxes to discourage sell-offs).

When the market is sluggish, take this guide to increasing the value of stablecoins

The article mainly introduces the use of stablecoins to achieve relatively low-risk, high-yield interest-earning strategies through major DeFi protocols, covering the Ethereum, Solana, Starknet, Scroll, Aptos, and Sui ecosystems.

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Decrypting Airdrops: How Do FDV and Token Economics Affect Token Prices?

FDV launches have varied in recent years: a median of $140 million in 2020 (DeFi protocols), a surge to $1.4 billion in 2021 (NFTs, games), a decline in 2022 ($800 million for L2), and a rebound in 2023 and 2024 ($2.4 billion and $1 billion), featuring alt L1 and Solana projects.

Weekly Editors Picks (0615-0621)

FDV ignores short-term market shocks; therefore, circulation (public supply) is important. High FDV, low circulation tokens like World Coin ($800 million vs. $34 billion FDV) may distort true valuations.

Airdrops distribute tokens to promote protocol adoption and are usually quickly cashed out by recipients. While initially lucrative, most airdropped tokens lose value over the long term, with exceptions such as BONK (which saw a ~8x return).


ZKSync airdrop sparks controversy, showing the dilemma of cold start of Web3 projects

Looking back at Optimism and Arbitrum, the number of interactions is used as an important reference indicator in specific activity settings. Users with more frequent interactions usually receive more rewards. However, this unspoken rule seems to have been abandoned by ZKSync. ZKSync does not involve the number of interactions in the calculation of rewards, but focuses more on the amount of funds in a single account and the willingness to allocate risky assets.

Heavy interaction brings about the problem of Sybil attacks, while proof of property brings about the problem of monopoly. For Web3 projects, when designing a cold start mechanism, it is still necessary to carefully consider the valuable user portraits for their products, and design corresponding mechanisms based on the current environment to effectively incentivize valuable users while trying to avoid Sybil attacks.

Which VC-invested projects are more likely to launch airdrops?

a16z: 15/169 = 8.87%; Paradigm: 10/92 = 10.86%; Binance Labs: 19/216 = 8.79%; Coinbase Ventures: 25/394 = 6.34%; DragonFly Capital: 25/149 = 7.38%.

Another recommended story article: The four years of cryptocurrency development history of the wool-pulling industry .

Bitcoin and its ecosystem

Can Bitcoin Be a Productive Asset?

Bitcoin is undergoing a remarkable evolution, and there are many different views on its nature.

Considering the ideal Bitcoin-based yield product, a gold standard product would combine the following three features: native Bitcoin consensus, native Bitcoin assets, and native Bitcoin yields. Such a product would mimic a near-perfect Bitcoin fit.

Ethereum and Scaling

Understanding Pectra: Ethereum’s Next Upgrade

Scheduled to launch in Q4 2024 or Q1 2025, Pectra combines two previously planned upgrades: Prague (for the execution layer) and Electra (for the consensus layer).

Through the merger, Pectra aims to bring multiple ambitious improvements to Ethereum, making it more flexible and optimized than ever before. Regular Ethereum accounts will be more programmable, L2 will be more affordable, smart contracts will be more efficient, and validators will be more flexibly managed.

Investing in L2 vs. Investing in ETH: Which has a brighter future?

Despite the increase in the number of listed L2s, their total fully diluted valuation (FDV) as a percentage of ETH remained the same.

Every new L2 token listed actually dilutes the valuation of previously listed L2 tokens.

Multi-ecology and cross-chain

A panoramic discussion on the development of Solana ecosystem: What is the impact of L2 and application chain?

Lisks do not pay fees in SOL or use SOL as a transaction fee token, so they do not contribute value to SOL directly, except for SOL re-staking for economic security purposes, but their benefits to the SVM ecosystem are obvious. Just like the network effect of the EVM, more SVM forks and Lisks will strengthen the network effect of the SVM.

For Solana, Rollups will be mostly abstracted from end users.

Unlike Ethereum, the Solana mainnet is not intended to be a “B2B chain”; it has always been and always will be a consumer chain.

With the traffic dividend, can Solana Wallet still produce new players?

There is not much room for new Solana wallet players. The status of Phantom and Backpack is even more difficult to shake. Solana wallets new opportunities are in the directions that leading projects are unwilling to try, reducing the user scale, such as focusing on embedded scenarios, developer orientation, serving enterprise users, Web2-friendly and other vertical directions.

In addition to the wallet, the traffic entrance bonus is still there. In the process of the two most dazzling Solana ecosystem meme coins BOME and SLERF going viral, the Solana ecosystems tg bot has received huge dividends.

Compared with Ethereum and Solana, what does TONs DEX need?

TONs performance and pressure-bearing capacity are the only ones among all current public chains that can stand shoulder to shoulder with Solana, but TONs ecosystem is a combination of the Web2 model and the Web3 model. This combination will technically dilute Web3 in use and deepen Web3 in technology.

If Telegram Wallet takes on the CEX experience, TON Space and DEX can interact on PC and mobile terminals, and finally, Telegrams Mini App and Bot will also be the trading front end of DEX or CEX functions. These designs meet the optimization of trading experience, but the native interaction part on the back-end chain is obviously backward.

LayerPixel, a DeFi solution designed for Telegram Mini App and incubated by TON public chains launchpad TonUP, is expected to supplement the functionality of TON DEX.


Towards Mass Adoption: In-depth analysis of the internal logic of Paypals stablecoin payment

The reason why Paypal turned its attention to Crypto is simple: it meets the needs and is practical (fast, cheap, global payments). PYUSD is building a true stablecoin business scenario, providing the nearly frictionless and trustworthy payment experience that mainstream consumers and merchants expect.

Paypal divides the evolution of Mass Adoption into three stages: cognitive awakening (concept introduction); payment utility (integration); ubiquity (stablecoin payment).

Understanding Tether’s new platform Alloy: A new synthetic dollar platform powered by XAU₮

Tether announced the launch of the open platform Alloy by Tether, which allows the creation of different bonded assets backed by Tether Gold. Vaults are the core of Alloy by Tether and can be used to store user collateral, unissued aUSD₮, and user collateralized minting position (CMP) information. Vault will set a specific liquidation threshold based on the liquidation point or maximum MTV, and the liquidation point is 75%.

The uniqueness of aUSD₮ lies in the fact that it is over-collateralized by Tether Gold (XAU₮), which is backed by real physical gold stored in Switzerland. That is, users can use XAU₮ as collateral to mint aUSD₮ through Ethereum smart contracts.


IOSG Ventures: Deeply cultivating the crypto game sinking market and exploring the competitiveness behind Ronin

There are huge differences in the perceptions of project owners, VCs, players, and retail investors: VCs think it is a full-chain game and a ground-breaking gameplay innovation; project owners think it is 3A; exchanges think it is an increase in Web2 users; players think they are making a quick buck; and retail investors think it is an extremely high multiple.

Crypto natives are blind to this very Web2 logic. The real core competitiveness of blockchain games lies in the local marketing channels/localized operation capabilities in Southeast Asia. In addition to game players, there is also a very complex business ecosystem around P2E games, such as Internet cafes, gold-making guilds, blockchain game education media, software and hardware developers, etc. Players are exposed to new game information through these very local channels and have very localized/offline organizational connections with mature player communities, because they may be exposed to a certain game because their friends/neighbors/teachers/colleagues are playing it.

Ronin is like an isolated island, firmly keeping the users attention and money in the ecosystem. P2E never dies, and only grows on suitable soil. The cake of the sinking market is the elephant in the room. The real competitiveness behind Ronin is Sky Maviss localized distribution and operation capabilities.


Bankless: Reigniting the market? Review of recent key events in the AI+Crypto track

OctaneX, shown on the latest iPad Pro, is a 3D design software supported by Render Network.

As one of the most anticipated proposals in Bittensor’s history, Dynamic TAO brings fundamental changes to the network: empowering TAO holders; opening up dynamic markets for subnets.

NEAR adds “user-autonomous AI” to the next phase of its roadmap.

Hot Topics of the Week

In the past week, Biden will attend a Bitcoin roundtable; the U.S. CFTC is investigating Jump Crypto ;

In addition, in terms of policies and macro markets, the US SEC required Ripple to pay a settlement of US$102.6 million to oppose its request for a US$10 million fine; the Australian Stock Exchange ASX will list the first Bitcoin spot ETF; the governor of Oklahoma signed a bill to exempt Bitcoin miners from electricity sales tax ;

In terms of opinions and opinions, the former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives: The U.S. dollar stablecoin may become one of the largest buyers of U.S. Treasury bonds, which can help the United States avoid a debt crisis; Tether CEO: USDT is one of the top three buyers of U.S. short-term Treasury bonds in the world; Circle CEO: Stablecoins will account for 10% of the global economic currency in the next decade; Glassnode: The market fluctuates violently, but ordinary BTC investors remain profitable ; Analysis: ETH exchange balances have reached an 8-year low, and the listing of spot ETFs may trigger a supply shock ; Consensys: The SEC will end its investigation into Ethereum 2.0 and will not accuse ETH sales of securities trading ; 21 Shares Lianchuang: The lack of pledge will not affect the demand for Ethereum spot ETFs, and liquidity management is critical ; Forbes: CZs current net worth is estimated to be US$61 billion, and he may hold 94 million BNB; 10x Research: The selling pressure brought about by the large-scale unlocking of altcoins is dragging down Bitcoin; ZKsync Chinese Community: Matter Labs uncompromising principles will destroy ZKsync; Curve founder: 10 million USD of CRV liquidation bad debts on Curve lending platform have been fully repaid , and the wrong information related to the hacker attack on UwU Lend and the destruction of CRV tokens has been clarified ; Farcaster co-founder: Warpcasts customers are English users , and there is no plan for international expansion; Tether CEO: aUSDTs stabilization mechanism is different from USDT, and it needs to be created by pledging Tether Gold; Arthur Hayes: Dogecoin ETF will be approved before the end of this cycle, and is increasing its positions in PENDLE and DOGE . The Bank of Japans selling of US bonds has triggered speculation on US dollar liquidity, and cryptocurrencies are expected to usher in a new round of bull market ; He Yi: Binances listing strategy does not affect the flow of funds , and many VCs in the currency circle are not doing well;

In terms of institutions, large companies and leading projects, Tiger Brokers launched virtual asset trading services for retail investors in Hong Kong; Paradigm open-sourced EVM compiler Revmc , aiming to improve EVM performance; Binance will launch HODLer airdrops for BNB holders ; Coinbase launched pre-market trading services; LayerZero announced the token economic model , and the airdrop caused controversy. Users need to donate $0.1 for each ZRO to receive it; Ethena Labs, Symbiotic and LayerZero piloted a universal re-staking framework ; ZK Nation announced that ZK airdrops are open for application;

In the meme field, the market value of Trump-themed meme coin DJT once exceeded TRUMP; Arkham offered a reward of $150,000 to find the creator of Trump-themed coin DJT , and ZachXBT has completed the task;

On the security front, Kraken and CertiK had a public standoff on social media over a series of serious security vulnerabilities...well, its been another week of ups and downs.

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