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The company just held a 150-minute meeting, and I chatted with my colleagues one by one, and four and a half hours were gone. I will summarize the essence of the meeting and share it with you: (The above is the view of ACcapital, which has no investment value and is for reference only) 1. The secondary altcoins have fallen almost enough, so you can buy the bottom one after another. The big cake has not fallen through yet, so dont buy it for the time being. 2. Insufficient liquidity in the market, ETFs are all over-the-counter funds, and there is a large amount of wait-and-see funds. 3. The capital split between the East and the West is relatively serious, resulting in the inability of funds to flow back. The Sol system and Depin that the West strongly supports cannot be bought by Eastern capital, so there is no largest secondary buying order, they cannot make back their capital, and there is no way to create new hot spots. The BTC L2 inscription NFT that Eastern capital strongly supports is not favored by Western capital, resulting in no super large investors taking over, Eastern capital cannot flow back, and retail investors are not passionate enough. 4. Binance neither fully buys Western projects nor fully buys Eastern projects. Binances influence on the market is already incomparably strong. UB and CB are no longer comparable in their ability to bring buy orders in the secondary market. 5. There are a lot of people with M attributes now. They seem to feel good after scolding their colleagues all night.
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Uniting Societies@EthCC, Brussels, Happy Hour with Somnia
He Yi: Trading platforms do not have pricing power, the era of hair-pulling may be coming to an end
Odaily Planet Daily News Binance co-founder He Yi wrote that the market rise in 2024 will be initiated by BTC ETF. This wave of smart money belongs to the king-level projects and the hair-pulling studio. They love each other and have created a wave of beautiful data together. On the one hand, the project parties can raise more money from VCs (if you observe the top VCs in the market, they are all over a billion US dollars, which will indeed push up the pricing of good projects). On the other hand, the project parties with both money and users are full of confidence. There are millions of users on the chain. It doesn’t matter if they don’t go on a certain platform. Most of them have to go on CEX. If there is no CEX, there is DEX. At worst, there is DEX on their own chain. Trading
5 hours ago
Grayscale GBTC asset management scale fell below $18 billion, and holdings fell to about 278,500 bitcoins
Odaily Planet Daily News Grayscale official data shows that as of June 21, GBTC holds 278,501.7586 BTC. In addition, GBTCs asset management scale (non-GAAP) has dropped to US$17,872,337,917.38, with 313,510,100 shares in circulation.
6 hours ago
Analysis: MicroStrategy’s BTC purchases offset German government selling pressure
Odaily Planet Daily News Some analysts believe that the German governments massive selling of Bitcoin is the reason for the downturn in the cryptocurrency market. In addition, traders are worried that the stock market may have peaked and the US fiscal situation is weakening. According to the previous monitoring of the on-chain encryption analysis company Arkham, a wallet related to the German government transferred 6,500 BTC to the exchange on June 19, which was worth $425 million at the time. The wallet held nearly 50,000 BTC, which was allegedly seized from the pirated movie website Movie2k that operated in 2013. Data showed that these BTC were sent to Kraken, Bitsta
7 hours ago
Standard Chartered Bank to Set Up Spot Trading Desk for Buying and Selling Bitcoin and Ethereum
Odaily Planet Daily reported that according to market news, Standard Chartered Bank will set up a spot trading desk to buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum.
13 hours ago
Bloomberg analyst: Potential spot Bitcoin ETF in Asia Pacific will reach $3 billion
Odaily Planet Daily News: Bloomberg analyst James Seyffart wrote on the X platform that VanEcks first listing of a spot Bitcoin ETF on the Australian Stock Exchange this week could help bring $1 billion in AUM to Australian digital asset ETFs (equivalent to $72 billion in the United States). Combined with our estimated $1 billion in Hong Kong and $1 billion in South Korea, the potential AUM in the Asia-Pacific region will reach $3 billion.
16 hours ago
Nigerian SEC announces new rules and compliance plan for digital assets
Odaily Planet Daily News: The Nigerian SEC has revised its rules on digital asset issuance, issuance platforms, exchanges and custody. In an official notice issued to the public, the SEC outlined its plans to update these important regulations. As part of this regulatory reform, the SEC launched a special compliance program called the Accelerated Regulatory Incubation Program (ARIP). The program is designed for virtual asset service providers (VASPs), and VASPs should complete the application within 30 days from the date of the notice. (cointelegraph)
16 hours ago
Dell CEO launches community vote on major technological breakthroughs, with AI and blockchain having high voting rates
Odaily Planet Daily reported that Dell Group CEO Michael Dell launched a community vote on the X platform on What do you think is the next major breakthrough in technology? The options include quantum computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain and space technology. So far, the highest voting rates are AI (35.6%) and blockchain (33%). Earlier, Dell Group CEO Michael Dell retweeted MicroStrategy founder Michael Saylors tweet Bitcoin represents digital scarcity.
17 hours ago