CertiK releases the latest security audit report of OKX Wallet, ranking first in network security score

half a month ago
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OKX Web3 Wallet has always been committed to providing users with secure, transparent and reliable self-hosting services.

Today, OKX, a leading global Web3 technology company, announced that CertiK, a well-known blockchain security agency in the industry, conducted a comprehensive security audit of OKX Wallet, covering all aspects of the wallet architecture, including codebase integrity, encryption protocols, and overall system robustness. According to Certiks official website, OKX Wallets current network security score is 92.55 points, ranking first.

The audit results show that the technical services provided by OKX Wallet meet and exceed the industrys security standards. For users, this means that their assets and transactions are protected by safe and reliable top-level technologies. For OKX, providing users with safe and reliable technical services is in line with the teams safe and transparent RD philosophy.

The Certik team said that this security audit mainly focused on evaluating the OKX Wallet applications ability to deal with various logical problems and control and functional vulnerabilities. This process not only helps to identify potential risk points in the code base, but also provides customized security reinforcement suggestions for OKX Wallet, thereby further consolidating its security defenses. Interested users can log in to the Certik official website to learn more about the detailed audit results in order to have a more comprehensive understanding of the security performance of OKX Wallet.

Jason Lau, Chief Innovation Officer of OKX, said: In the crypto world, security is the most important underlying foundation. This audit is a small step to promote the security of the Web3 ecosystem. In the future, we will cooperate with more security teams to jointly promote Web3 security education to more user groups.

As the most comprehensive decentralized multi-chain wallet, OKX Wallet now supports 90+ public chains, with five major sections: built-in wallet, market (NFT, Ordinals, Runes), trading, DeFi, and Dapp discovery. OKX Web3 Wallet has always been committed to providing users with safe, transparent, and reliable self-hosting services. In the future, we will continue to adhere to this principle and provide users with better services. At the same time, we will actively carry out Web3 security knowledge popularization activities, promote the construction of a safe ecosystem across the industry, and contribute to the healthy development of the market.


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